In new constructions, properties will be the deposit according to the contract of sale.

All our second-hand properties can be reserved with a € 5,000 deposit and can be paid with a credit / debit card, this will take it of the of the market. 21-28 days after the first deposit you must pay a second deposit to cover 10% of the total price of the property .

See example below:
Agreed property price € 200,000

First deposit of € 5,000 – according to price agreement Second deposit € 15,000 after 21-28 days later

However, sometimes the termination can be within four weeks, in these circumstances, your lawyer and the seller can negotiate the second deposit that is paid at the time of completion.


It is necessary to have a Spanish bank account when buying a property. We have negotiated free bank offers and other special offers exclusively for Houses In The Sun customers with one of the largest banks in Murcia, Spain. However, you can always use the bank that suits you.

If you decide that you want to apply for a Spanish mortgage, we can help you. There are currently some fantastic offers with several banks. In general, a non-resident can receive a 60% to 70% mortgage and residents up to 80%.


The costs of a property will vary from one property to another. To give you a better idea about the costs you will find below an approximate guide for an apartment. Keep in mind that community fees, if any, indicated on our website are only indicative, could be more or less. You can find out the exact rates through your lawyer.

Current monthly apartment costs
€ 120 – Community expenses
€ 60 – Standard charges for gas, electricity and water

Annual costs of the department
€ 250 – Key holder fees
€ 250 – Municipal tax
€ 200 – Insurance

Total for the year € 2,740


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